achilles tendon pain
Achilles Tendinitis, Tendinosis and Ruptures
Treatment for Achilles Tendon Pain in Valparaiso and Portage, Indiana

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There are several conditions that may contribute to pain in your Achilles tendon. Achilles tendonitis is an inflammation injury resulting from overuse of the Achilles tendon, often experienced by runners, “weekend warriors,” and workers who spend a great deal of time on their feet. If you have aching and burning pain above your heel, especially in the morning and becoming worse with exercise or activity, you may have Achilles tendinitis.

Another condition primarily seen in middle-aged people, Achilles tendinosis, occurs when the tendon begins to break down as a result of untreated Achilles tendinitis. Finally, an Achilles tendon rupture is a tear or break in the tendon itself, may cause severe pain and limit your ability to walk.

When Should You See a Specialist?

If you have continued Achilles tendon pain that doesn’t resolve after a few weeks or are in severe pain, contact us to make an appointment or see an urgent care provider. If you have signs of a ruptured tendon, including a popping sound heard during injury, seek medical care immediately.

Achilles Tendon Pain Treatment

Nonsurgical treatment for Achilles tendon pain can include rest, stretches, supportive shoes, orthotics and pain relievers. If pain is not resolved nonsurgically, there are a number of surgical options to relieve the pain and correct the issue. The team at South Shore Foot & Ankle will discuss all your options with you and work with you to develop a treatment plan that fits your needs and goals.

AmnioFix® Injection Treatment for Achilles Tendinitis

A new treatment for Achilles tendinitis, AmnioFix® injections encourage your cells to regenerate damaged tissue while inhibiting scar tissue formation and controlling inflammation.

AmnioFix® is derived from human amniotic tissue, donated by healthy, consenting mothers undergoing scheduled Caesarean sections. The donated tissue is cleaned, dehydrated and sterilized, and then blended with sterile saline to create the injectable solution. Over 100,000 patients nationwide have been treated with AmnioFix®, with no reports of complications or serious side effects.

Want to learn more? Ask Drs. Grundy, Meyer or Patel if AmnioFix® may be a solution for you.

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