Foot, Toe, and Heel Pain

There are many causes of foot, toe, and heel pain. Some of the most common causes include bruising in the heel, bone spurs, plantar fasciitis, bone fractures, flat feet, arthritis, and gout.

Woman giving relieving feet massage in spa salon

Foot Pain

Your foot is an intricate network of bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles. Strong enough to bear your body weight, your foot can be prone to injury and pain

Toe Pain

Toe pain is a fairly common symptom, since our feet are constantly exposed to injury by walking and moving around. Some of the most common causes of toe pain include ingrown toenails, cuts or scrapes, other injuries, blisters, corns, calluses, bunions, and hammertoes.

Heel Pain

Heel pain is most often caused by plantar fasciitis, a condition that is sometimes also called heel spur syndrome when a spur is present. Heel pain may also be due to other causes, such as a stress fracture, tendonosis, arthritis, nerve irritation, or, rarely, a cyst.

Custom Solutions

Custom orthotics are specially-made devices designed to support and comfort your feet. Prescription orthotics are crafted for you and no one else. They match the contours of your feet precisely and are designed for the way you move.