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Is Fitness One of Your New Year Resolutions?

New Year resolutions are a great way to set goals and make positive changes in your life. For many people, getting in shape and improving their physical fitness is a top resolution. However, if you’re not careful, foot and ankle injuries can derail your fitness goals before you even get started.

At South Shore Foot and Ankle, we see all too often how foot and ankle injuries can not only cause pain and discomfort, but also prevent you from participating in the activities that you enjoy. Whether you’re a runner, a dancer, or a gym enthusiast, foot and ankle injuries can put a damper on your fitness routine.

Add These Tips to Your New Year Resolutions

So, how can you avoid foot and ankle injuries and stay on track with your fitness goals? Here are a few tips:

  1. Invest in proper footwear: Wearing shoes that fit well and offer support can help prevent foot and ankle injuries. If you’re a runner, it’s especially important to invest in a good pair of running shoes that are designed for your foot type and running style.
  2. Gradually increase your activity level: If you’re just starting a new fitness routine, it’s important to ease into it gradually. Increasing your activity level too quickly can lead to overuse injuries, such as plantar fasciitis or shin splints.
  3. Stretch before and after exercise: Stretching can help prevent muscle strains and improve your flexibility, which can help reduce your risk of injury.
  4. Pay attention to pain: If you experience pain or discomfort while exercising, don’t ignore it. Continuing to push through the pain can lead to more serious injuries. Instead, take a break and consider seeking medical attention if the pain persists.

Stay Foot and Ankle Healthy all Year Long

By following these tips and listening to your body, you can make fitness a sustainable part of your routine and avoid foot and ankle injuries that can derail your goals. Make this the year that you follow through with your New Year resolutions. But if you do experience a foot or ankle injury, don’t hesitate to visit a podiatrist for treatment and guidance on how to get back on track.

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