What Our Customers Have to Say

"I had pain on the bottom of my foot and heel for months that was limiting how much I could be on my feet. I thought it was old age and maybe something to do with my other health problems. Eventually, it got to the point where I couldn’t stand the pain and burning sensation anymore and began wearing shoes without a back on them. When Winter was near and I couldn’t wear flip flops anymore, I told my family doctor who diagnosed me with a few different things. Finally I demanded an x-ray. It turned out to be bone spurs and he referred me to Dr. Cynthia Grundy. 

'She doesn’t mess around!' (Dr. Grundy). Other doctors would say 'let’s try this' or 'let’s try that'. Dr. Grundy knew at my first appointment exactly what needed to be done to fix it – and she did!! She has fantastic bedside manner that made me feel super comfortable. She isn’t stuffy like most doctors and shows a genuine concern.

Surgery was scheduled about a week after my initial appointment. I of course had pain from the surgery, but the burning sensation was gone and after I was able to put weight on my foot, the pain and discomfort that I had constantly was gone as well. 
I have been to many different doctors for a variety of things and Dr. Cynthia Grundy is by far my favorite."

Lynne, Chesterton, IN

"I had very good experience. I felt comfortable. The Dr was very knowledgeable and offered options."

Thomas K.
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"Dr. Grundy was excellent! She saw me same day and helped ease my foot and ankle pain quickly! She was very knowledgeable and explained what she believed was going on and gave me a care plan to get me back to normal! Also wanted to mention her staff is awesome as well! Thanks South Shore Foot & Ankle!"

Carol B.
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"I had to have my large toenail removed due to injury. Dr. Meyer, who by the way was very nice and very knowledgeable, removed it in one day, same visit! The staff was very friendly as well. I was home in less than an hour! Love these people!"

Kathleen P.
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